• Who we are

    Vespa Capital is a lower mid-market private equity firm investing discretionary capital. Our focus is on UK headquartered businesses with enterprise values between £10 million to £40 million

    Within our target segment, we seek to partner with high quality and ambitious management teams seeking to unlock the full potential of their businesses through a proven and highly professionalised private equity approach, successfully employed over several economic and business cycles.

    We believe our partnership approach, deep commercial expertise and extended industrial and international network, supported by our unique investor base provides a competitive advantage in delivering shareholder value growth. Furthermore, our specific understanding of providing succession capital and successful track record of sympathetically assisting shareholder and operational transition is a fundamental strength.

    Vespa Capital prides itself on providing a truly bespoke service acting as a partner for growth with full access to the senior team who have been investing together for over 15 years. Together, the partners of Vespa Capital are the single largest investor in our funds underscoring our deep focus on each and every one of our investments and ensuring a strong alignment with our management teams and investors alike.

  • What makes us different?

    In some senses we operate as a traditional private equity investor. However in certain aspects we are clearly and deliberately different.

    Experience, seniority and cohesion of our team

    Our partners have over 75 years of combined successful private equity experience, including 12 years of shared tenure. This wealth of valuable experience has encompassed over 100 company investments across a wide variety of transaction types, sectors, geographies and strategies from which the team can draw upon.

    Differentiated approach

    We seek to influence value creation and growth initiates through the adoption of best-in-class practices based on our long standing experience of investing in larger companies in the mid-market. Vespa Capital achieves this through the application of a rigorous, disciplined and highly systematic approach rarely seen in the lower mid-market. We have a long track record of partnering with management teams, and together, delivering significant growth and operational improvements.

    Aligned goals

    We operate a true partnership model with our management teams to deliver shareholder value growth over the long-term in every investment we make - our significant financial contribution to our funds materially increases the alignment of this partnership model and is a key differentiator to other private equity investors.

  • They were very supportive in helping the business grow